HIMARS and Panzerhaubitze 2000 in Ukraine - Serhiy Zgurets

22 June, 2022 Wednesday

American MLRS haven’t arrived yet at the front, but are already in Ukraine: it was a complex logistical operation and we will soon see how HIMARS are fighting on the battlefield.

Confrontation around Zmiinyi Island

Today, the Operational Command South said that Russian forces received a concentrated blow of various forces and methods of destruction. The Russian garrison on Zmiinyi island suffered heavy losses. Over the past few weeks, Russia has pulled up to the island Pantsir and Thor defense systems, which provide protection against air attacks up to 20 km. They also brought a Grad launcher and sought to militarize the island, which threatens the safety of civilian and military vessels in the northwestern Black Sea. Yesterday Ukrainian forces struck another blow on the island. It is located at a distance of 35 km from the coastline so the Tornado volley fire systems could be used. Because artillery or other weapons aren’t quite suitable for this task. The use of aircraft would be a risky tool given the presence of air defense on Zmiinyi, but we see that a multi-layered operation was carried out, which neutralized Russian weapons. The contingent of Russian manpower on the island numbered 90 people, providing support for air defense and reconnaissance complexes. Boyko towers in the Black Sea were also destroyed.

This comprehensive approach to minimizing Russia's military presence in the Black Sea can have a positive effect on security in the area. Russia is insidious, and the confrontation around the island will continue. But as the main intelligence department head Budanov said: "We will fight for Zmiinyi as much as necessary."

Situation in south

This direction looks optimistic. An OC South spokesman said that due to Ukrainian counterattack, Russian forces were retreating to the second line of defense. This reflects the general trends associated with fighting along the entire line from Blagodatne, Snihurivka, Davydiv Brid, Velyka Oleksandrivka, Vysokopillya, which forced Russian forces to retreat in certain directions. Ukrainian units advance deep into the Russian-occupied territory, towards Kherson to Tomyna Balka.

Today there was a message from Serhiy Khlan, an adviser to the Kherson military administration head, that Russia is preparing to defend Kherson. This means that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing in this direction and Russia, realizing such risks, is beginning to draw forces for defensive action. An offensive in this direction is taking place and the details will be known later.

Boyko towers

We see infographics of the Boyko towers and Zmiinyi island locations. 35 km from the island to the coast, 71 km from the Boyko towers to the coast.

It’s a mystery to me what kind of weapon we used to destroy these towers. Everyone is talking about anti-ship missiles, but I think we could actually use other means of destruction. Because we leave anti-ship missiles for more dangerous purposes, namely for landing ships, which Russia is trying to pull near Odesa. But after the Moskva cruiser and Vasily Bekh tug destruction, Russia withdrew its ships from the Ukrainian line. Given the limited number of anti-ship missiles, we keep them for more serious threats, not to destroy towers.

We see the location of these burning objects, which were filmed with NASA satellites. The burning there continues, it will be a good reference point for all that will happen to invading Russian forces in our territory.

Situation in east

Severodonetsk remains the most difficult part of the front, because there are both Ukrainian and Russian forces using infantry and artillery. Russia is trying to carry out offensive operations, we are conducting defensive operations with significant losses for the Russian army. The situation in Severodonetsk hasn’t fundamentally changed. We maintain the industrial zone and the Azot enterprise, taking advantage of defensive battles. Supply across the river continues, including the ammunition and necessary logistics supply for Ukrainian troops. In the latest General Staff report there is an alarming situation in some areas. Russia is trying to move in the direction of Syrotyne and Voronove, east of Severodonetsk, from captured Metolkine village, and will try to reach the flank and develop an offensive. Another dangerous direction from Voronove is several villages Pidlisne, Myrna Dolyna, Horske; there Russia captured Pidlisne and Myrna Dolyna, behind Toshkivka.

Russia also has partial success in Girske, our fortified area is located right near it, in Zolote. There are certain risks for Zolote then. Russian forces are around the perimeter of Zolote. Opportunities must be taken into account and threats must be minimized through reserves or proper defense. The situation in Severodonetsk remains difficult, but Russia is exhausted and lacks personnel, despite the fact that all reserves are being drawn up near Severodonetsk.

HIMARS and Panzerhaubitze 2000 in Ukraine

We received the German Panzerhaubitze 2000, the most advanced weapon in this class. It can provide fire from 36 km of conventional ammunition, up to 70 km of active-jet and can use guided munitions. Speed ​​is significant, accuracy is high, mobile system. 7 howitzers were supplied to the Ukrainian side. There are not many of them, but when combined with counter-battery radars, I think that the mission of counter-battery combat on these models will be entrusted and will be used effectively by the Armed Forces. Keep in mind that Russia still has the upper hand in heavy weapons and artillery. We all hoped for a Land-Lease, but, as we can see, the Land-Lease program will start working only in September, said the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov. The American Lend-Lease allows us to take weapons from the US Army's reserves and supply them to us. But as of May 9, there are two more months, and the executive must carry out certain procedures. It turns out that these formalized procedures are underway, which should give impetus to the Land-Lease. We are hoping for American weapons so far, but we are getting those samples that are in the format of financial support and a package of USD 40 billion, which is designed for the next six months.

There is also good news, the long-awaited mobile long-range HIMARS is already in Ukraine. They are not used yet, but already in Ukraine. It was a complex logistical operation. Soon we will see how HIMARS are fighting on the battlefield.

In the photo, we see coverage areas when using long-range missiles with a range of 80 km on Russian positions. I hope that the number of shells we received at HIMARS will be enough to spare them.

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